About Us

Our Vision


Ohio Vein & Vascular’s vision is to establish a positive and supporting vascular surgery care environment for the Wilmington community and surrounding areas.  This will be accomplished by spreading the educational knowledge of modern, high-quality vascular care.  We aim to deliver state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, comprehensive vascular care, and participate in academic pursuits and nationally recognized surgical organizations.

Our Mission

Ohio Vein & Vascular’s mission is to deliver the highest quality of vascular surgical care, promote vascular health, advance efforts to eliminate or cure vascular disease, and to serve as vascular health advocates for our patients and our community.
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Brian J. Santin, MD, FACS, RPVIOVVHeadshot2016

Board Certifications
 ~ General Surgery, American Board of Surgery

 ~ Vascular Surgery, American Board of Surgery

Fellow of the American College of Surgeons

The diverse education and experiences reflected in Dr. Santin’s past allow a creative and sometimes eclectic approach to clinical AVF Member Logoproblem solving. Each clinical problem is looked at as an exercise in physiology tempered by the interests and desires of the patient.

Throughout his career, Dr. Santin has remained very active in academic pursuits with 17 peer-reviewed scientific journal publications and over 30 scientific presentations at national conferences. One of his publications has been recognized as among the first to describe the use of an ultrasonic harmonic energy device in vascular surgery to assist in controlling blood loss and minimizing injury to nerve tissue. Dr. Santin SVS Member Logohas also been extensively involved in organized medicine. Some of the positions he currently holds, volunteered and elected, include the following:

American College of Surgeons

  • Board of Regents
  • Bylaws Committee
  • Committee on Physician Competency and Health
  • Clinical Congress Program Planning Committee
  • Resident & Associate Society
    • Chair/Vice-Chair/Secretary
    • Issues Committee, Chair/Vice-Chair
    • Executive Committee

Society for Vascular Surgery

  • Governing Council on Trainee Section
American Venous Forum
  • Membership Committee, Chair
Surgery News ~ Editorial Board
American Medical Association
Ohio State Medical Association
  • At-Large Council Member
  • Audit & Appropriations Committee, Chair

Open Access Surgery – Honorary Editor

Society of Young Rural Surgeons – Executive Committee

As a result of his extensive involvement in the American College of Surgeons, Dr.Santin has gained a well-rounded appreciation for and desire to provide state of-the-art, high quality surgical care in a rural setting. He believes that every community deserves access to both open and endovascular surgical services and this tenant was one of the largest driving factors to establishing his practice in Wilmington, Ohio.He appreciates the role of the many people who have helped him along the way. He has maintained his dedication to personal service to patients and his clinical interest in the difficult challenges in vascular surgery. His dedication to community service and to the American College of Surgeons continues undiminished.

Hospital Affiliations

  • Clinton Memorial Hospital ~ Wilmington, Ohio
  • Good Samaritan Hospital ~ Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Bethesda North Hospital ~ Cincinnati, Ohio